The team you work with may not always have the right essentials that will truly make you look picture perfect. This means it is up to you to make sure you always carry the basic necessities. Put together a modelling bag that you can take with you to your bookings, castings, shoots or shows.

The items in this bag should be different to what you use on a daily basis and should be in relatively new condition. This bag should always be restocked with the basics so you're always prepared. Regardless of where you're going or what you're told to bring, always make sure you carry the following basic essentials.



Large spacious bag – Your bag needs to be large enough to carry all of your essentials without damaging them as well as look presentable. Opt for a duffel bag or pull along case.

Nude/Black/White undergarments – Make sure you carry with you seamless underwear so that it doesn't show through clothing. T-shirt bras should be either strapless or convertible. Thongs are the best option

Pantyliners/tampons – Accidents can happen

Black high heels (not wedges) – These must be a minimum of 4 inches. Please take at least 2 pairs so you have a variety of pairs to work with different outfits.

Black and nude tights or leggings and socks


Makeup kit – This should include foundation, concealer, press powder, makeup wipes, lip balm, mascara, eyeliner and eyedrops.

Portfolio/Headshots – Always carry your portfolio with you, regardless of it’s a casting or photo shoot. You never know who you could meet!

Hair products – Hairpins, hair bands, brush and comb


Compact mirror

Nail file and natural nail polish

Face wash and moisturiser

Diary and pen – Keep track of bookings and contact details

Bottled water and Snacks – Stay hydrated

Book/Magazine/Ipod – Something to keep you entertained as it will be a long day

Mouthwash/Mints – No gum! Keep mouth fresh.

Phone chargerDon't talk on your phone whilst on the job, but keep your phone charged in case of emergencies

Money – Enough for travel, food, and emergencies

Valid passport/visa – Always make sure that your passport is at least 3 months valid in case of long term jobs abroad

Map – Know the directions of where you are going. Use TFL to plan your travel in advance

Mini essential kit – Plasters, safety pins, straws, no-mark deodorant, sunscreen lotion, body cream, etc

Once your bag is ready and packed your ready to show off them beautiful curves! 

We know getting started as a model is the hardest part! 

Getting your model bag right is one thing...

Knowing how to do the job, pose correctly and catwalk like a pro is a completely different challenge. 

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