how to get your passion to pay YOU...


Do you have a creative idea you want to pursue but don't know where to start?

Or have you started but got stuck or it didn't work out the way you imagined?

Do you need someone to motivate you and hold you accountable so you continue to progress?

Your coach can help you reach your dreams, whether you are an aspiring;

  • Model
  • Presenter
  • Musician
  • Public speaker
  • Social influencer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Or someone still trying to work out what it is you want to do.

This programme is flexible so it will work for you if you;

  • Have a full time Job
  • Work part time
  • Don't currently have a job
  • Are self employed
  • A stay at home mum
  • Or a Student


1. Uncertain outcomes and poor planning lead to failure. Your coach will help you identify your specific needs to create a custom development plan with set achievable goals. This will put you back on track to achieving your dreams.

2. Overcoming obstacles by learning key skills such as strategic planning, branding and more. Receive critical feedback and advice on how to take risks. Learn from many successes and failures on how our founder was able to grow 3 different businesses.

The most successful people of today have something very important in common. They have someone who knows how to get to where they want to be!

YOU could be one of the 10 people who will have the opportunity to be coached by our Founder who has helped people to have success in various professional working careers, the music industry, the fashion industry and as entrepreneurs.


A physical meeting with Theo in central London where he will give you 3 hours to go through your plan and ensure you have realistic and achievable goals.


  • 4 Weekly/Bi-Weekly 2 hour online group sessions getting guidance on your business, profession, idea or other passion. Group sessions will increase how much you learn as you will be able to learn from advice given to others as well as yourself.


  • Confidence training to change your mindset and open you up to new opportunities. 


  • An innovative Continuous Development Plan (CDP) to help build you up even when you leave us so all your hard work does not go to waste


You can invest in your future for only £200 and see long term results. 

Want to pay monthly? 4 X £55 MONTHLY PAYMENTS are also available.

The introductory planning session is on 22nd January 2017 in London and sessions begin in February.

Live outside London? There will be an online introductory planning session available.

Can't make the date? Let us know and we will schedule another option.

Selection Process

We currently have 102 people who are interested in this programme. Our founder can only work with 10 of you. To ensure that our founder works with committed people he can take to the next level we will be conducting interviews for suitability.

1.  A £50 deposit is required as spaces are limited. Only 10 people will be able to pay a deposit and have interviews scheduled.

2. If you miss the first 10 spaces you will be put on a waiting list.

3. If we feel we will be unable to help you following your interview. A full refund will be processed and an opportunity for interview will be given to somebody on the waiting list.


There are only 10 spaces so to be considered click the button below, book your interview and secure your deposit now.



Spaces are limited so to be considered click the button below, book your interview and secure your deposit now.