In a forever changing society with various ideals and media inflicted behaviours it is important to understand the consequences of ignoring perceived inequality and the resultant impact it has on people.

Ms Curvaceous UK has identified that the media has a key contribution towards peoples views on beauty, which in turn has a direct effect on confidence and self esteem.

Through injecting successful curvaceous role models into the fashion world and the media we aim to showcase the unrepresented beauty that has been missing for too long. We aim to develop an inspirational culture that will reinstall confidence in the average UK citizen and inspire them to “Believe in No Limits”.

We are seeking a Recruitment agent to support us with finding talented individuals for our internship programmes and volunteers who are passionate about helping us to effectively reach our goals.

Activities may include;

  • Organising the promotion of available positions
  • Checking each applicant has the relevant skills associated with the role available
  • Looking through prospective CV’s and passing on the details for those who are the most promising 

Key skills required;

  • Effective managerial and leadership skills 
  • Competent with targets
  • Computer savvy 
  • Adept, self-motivated, persistent and diligent 
  • Trustworthy, intuitive, organised and methodical 
  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Approachable and quality oriented 

Working Hours: 

You will be working independently so your hours will be flexible and within your own time. The work will be variable depending on the recruitment needs at the time.


There will be commission based pay. The agent will earn £20 for each successful referral who gets taken on and a following £20 if the person stays for at least 3 months. Our Volunteer and internship programmes are normally 3 months long and we can have up to 10 volunteers and interns at any one time. The agent will also benefit from free entry to all MCUK events and 10% off sponsorship and exhibitor packages.

If you are interested in this role please email with your CV stating your interest in this particular role.