Posing Advice

When preparing for shoots and shows it is essential that you practice different poses to suit the different types of modelling. Your photoshoot is approaching and we wanted to help you get prepared. Here are short guides into prepping your poses for Commercial, Editorial and Urban modelling.

Commercial shoots are part of your everyday from watching CBBC with the children to reading an magazine, anywhere there is an advert, there is commercial modelling. The commercial shoot is one of the highest demanded shoots that is why it is important for you to have perfected the basics. These poses are to become second nature.

 Editorial is the most difficult of the three. The key is to practice in front of a mirror - watch and learn how your body moves as you bend, stretch and move. Find your favourite pose and just keep practicing.

 The best part about urban modelling is the idea of acting natural but one thing to remember....acting natural is a lot harder then it seems. You need to work to find a happy medium between relaxing and posing.

Outfit Suggestions

Here are some examples of the type of outfits you could wear;

Makeup Suggestions

Makeup looks.png

 You can always flip through magazines and look online for more inspiration.

Why not try copying some of your favourite models to see what works for you?