'You need to get uncomfortable to be comfortable!' - Maria Luxé


Welcome to my Confidence & Self Love Workshop, I am Maria, a plus size curve model. Follow me on the journey of self discovery and understanding to help us achieve our main goal; confidence and self love for all!

Have you ever doubted yourself? Maybe thought you wasn't capable because you're 'different', because your bigger than the other girls, less confident, or just simply not in control. 

Well girl, it's time for you to get that control! 

We have been conditioned to think the way we do, to believe in the things we do, even our perspectives and understanding has been shaped by societys conditions! It's time to WAKE UP! Snap out of the fiction and wake up to reality, you are YOU, you are SPECIAL and you are BEAUTIFUL. 

Our workshop is 5 hours long, this will include:

- The psychological understanding of why we think the way we do ( negative thoughts)

- A variety of talks and advice about confidence and self acceptance

- Guest speakers who have been bullied and suffered through depression yet still slay like the Queens they are

- interactive practicals to get us all relaxed and ready to confront our problems

- Of course, snacksssss!!! 

There are only 35 tickets to be sold! Make sure to grab your tickets ASAP before you miss out on the love xoxo