I've got 99 problems but my weight ain't one


Your body like a renaissance of senses, in a middle age of fears.

 Your body holy as the Heaven’s Gates, majestic as the Angel’s Fall.

Harbour of history, future of humanity.

Your body holds the secrets of life, the mystery of the universe.

Yet it’s so easy to forget all of this when your ass doesn’t fit in a Ryanair seat. When you go to the theatre and you bruise your knees to fit in the chair and do it with a smile so maybe people won’t realise you are that fat. It’s hard to remember you are perfect when your size 8 friend, analyses the mirror and tries to squeeze inexistent fat on her belly, complaining about the cosmic injustice that made her so fat and disgusting. When I ask this friend what she thinks of me she says: “It’s different, you are like this, so you are beautiful.’

 Apparently if you are bigger, you have already given up on life so why even bother thinking about your appearances. You are beautiful by default. Beautiful because it doesn’t matter if you are not, but just look at these women and try to tell me they are not gorgeous.

 And yes whatever, now it’s almost trendy to be fat, like when back in the 90’s Sir Mix-a-lot liked big butts and could not lie and remember, you just need to believe in yourself and others will follow, just put some sass with that ass, think positive no, not positive, think body positive. What does even mean?

To me means accepting plus size but only if you are a curvy goddess with an hourglass-shaped figure, a toned belly and that unapologetic attitude that could make the skinniest girl bow.

If you have an Instagram account with thousands of followers and million filters maybe along some nasty comments you also find the acknowledgment and the respect that everyone deserves.

But if like me, you are a “nobody” often you must have felt this way: walking down the street you hear the trombone playing at every step; while checking the calories behind the cookies you only think about how ironic that must look to others; when you eat in public it feels like you are making a statement and even just existing feels like being a target.

In a world where being skinny is somehow considered being humane while being fat is a joke more than anything else, feeling confident is like trying to keep together a crumbling castle of sand. We deserve to feel comfortable in our bodies but at the same time we must remember that the body is not what define us, our mind is. The body is only the vessel of the soul.

Appreciate your body, love your mind.

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