Procrastination and other drugs


I sat down to write this short story of boredom, failures and great expectations. As one usually does I started from the beginning, the title.

Since then, I checked my phone three times, I ate a slice pizza, asked the internet universe for a swimsuit and after only 40 minutes, I found one I liked. Seconds before checking out, I closed the webpage, not today Satan.

Around the 4th slice of pizza I completely forgot who I was, why I was up so early and what was I doing on my laptop.

 Luckily the cup of coffee strategically placed to my right eventually reminded me of the work I was supposed to do so hail coffee, fire of my being, soul of my brain, quintessence of life.


Do you ever feel this way?

You wake up with the best resolutions, like it’s the first of January — all of the good resolutions and none of the hangover. You have the ideas, the motivation and this volcanic energy trying to escape your body but the environment around you does not collaborate, the light coming from the window is too weak, the whispers from the other room too strong and the baby from flat 7 just won’t stop crying. Magically, it’s 4 pm and you are watching the 10th season of a Norwegian drama. The pyjama is your official uniform and you will fight for your remote rights.

Sometimes, doing nothing is exactly need. Especially after a week of: overcrowded trains; uncountable missed trains; the disappointed looks of your boss who believes your purpose in life is waking up at 6am so you can be on time to do his job; hairnet apron and fake smile if you work in a restaurant; the distracted nodding that always gets you to volunteer for task you don’t even know how to do; your co-worker who just won’t shut up about her weekend dramas, morning struggles, acai bowls, diet plan, audiobooks, motivational videos, her holidays and her “naughty” launches which are usually, the saddest Kale dish with a dash of dressing and there I say it, salt.

Image from #newcontemporary

Image from #newcontemporary

If your week destroyed you, rest, take a shower and sure watch that funny cats compilation, again.

But don’t let your day off trap you. Clean your room, read, run, write down that poem you had in your head all week, live.

Don’t bury your dreams under a monument of clothes, take away boxes and excuses.

For good advices and bad examples @failure_moon