Having trouble finding the right dress size? Here's how to find the perfect FIT

So, you have got a big night coming up. You start counting down the days, start looking for that perfect outfit, you think about the hairstyle, the make up, think about the people you are going to see and the one you’ll avoid and you just can’t wait for it, right?

The days go by, all the websites and shops seem to have the same boring stuff and when you finally find something worth it, something that you really deserve, you grab your card, make an order…and find that they only stock up to a size 12. In the odd event that they actually stock the outfit in the right size -because miracles do happen- when the item arrives it doesn’t fit.

Personally, I am a positive girl so when that happens, I try it on anyway, even if I end up looking like a jacket potato tightly wrapped in some sort of alien material. On top of all, I can hardly breathe because I have to wear a pair of suck in pants (which are also a size too small).

This sad scenario doesn’t change much if what you are after is just day to day clothing and it’s no secret that many curvy ladies struggle to find an outfit. As a plus size woman myself, I know how daunting that is.

This is why at our latest Ms Curvaceous masterclass in Birmingham, we tested out some of the latest pieces from Boohoo’s curve range. We also gave each of our gorgeous ladies the opportunity to have a consultation with celebrity stylist Everything To A T , who gave practical tips for ‘dressing your body shape’. Together we found that Boohoo’s range made sure there was something for everyone. All of the items were of great quality, the collection is on trend with all of the latest styles and when discussing the prices, everyone agreed that they were very reasonable.

Now, I am sure that if I need an outfit for a night out, Boohoo will have something for us curvaceous ladies. Something in which we can look great as well as feeling sexy and empowered. It’s great news that more brands are expanding their ranges into plus sizes and realising that curvy women want to look great too… and we surely do!

Check out the video for one of the styling sessions at our masterclass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBXTUEw3KXE&feature=youtu.be.

Also some pictures of the Boohoo curve collection which can be found online here: https://www.boohoo.com/womens/plus-size-curve-clothing

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Kerry xx

Kerry McCarthy