Working within the modelling industry exposes you to a world of negativity and rejection. Employers will judge every pose, facial expression, appearance and performance. Criticism will also come from the public and media who will feel the need to judge you in every way possible. Even the most successful models still face criticism and rejection. You must be thick-skinned to be able to survive such a cut-throat industry. There will be days where you'll feel low but you must learn not to let hurtful comments get to you.

Learn to turn the criticism into positive statements. Always aim to prove people wrong by succeeding. The comments made may be able to help you improve where you're going wrong. For instance, if you're constantly being criticised about your facial expressions in photos, then practice in front of a mirror or get advice/feedback from the one criticising on what you can improve on.


Avoid the negativity you get in the media. When you react negatively, you'll just look as bad as them. Rise above the negativity and knock them with a smile.

Most of all LOVE YOURSELF! Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're beautiful everyday. Love your imperfections.  If you can't build up your self-esteem and constantly have low confidence in the way you look, you'll never be able to past by the criticism and it will constantly eat away at you.

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Dealing with rejection can be tough and being confident in yourself is very important.

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