I would like to be represented and managed by MCUK Model Management. How do I go about this?

At present we only manage models who go through the MCUK modelling competition. If you are selected as a finalist then you automatically get the opportunity to be represented by MCUK Model Management

I would like to book one of the models on your website. How do I go about this?

To book one of our models please go to www.curvaceousmodels.com or email bookings@streamline-empire.com.

What experience do your models have?

The models who go through the Ms Curvaceous UK Model competiion are trained for

  • Catwalk

  • Photo shoots

  • Commercials

  • Public Speaking

Is there a height restriction for applicants?

We don't have any height restriction.

Is there a size restriction?

To enter the competition you have to at least be a size 12 UK dress size.

Can Men Apply?

This competition is only for females.

Where will the training and rehearsals take place?

The training and rehearsals will take place in London. 

Can you apply to be in the competition if you do not live in the UK?

If you have proof to show that you will be in the UK for at least one year following the competition then it is fine if you are not a UK resident.

How do I apply to take part in the competition?

You can apply by clicking here and filling out the form shown on the webpage or simply go to the home page and follow the instructions.

When are the auditions taking place?

Once you register here you will receive updates and information about the approaching auditions.

Can I change the date of the audition I am attending?

Yes you can subject to a £10 fee. Please email info@mscurvaceous.com for any date change requests.

When will the rehearsals and training take place?

After you have attended the audition you will receive information about the training and rehearsal dates.

When do I get my photos from the photo shoot taken at the auditions?

Photo's will be sent to everyone within 56 days following the final audition date of the UK Audition Tour.

Why do I have to pay an admin fee?

The admin fee goes towards logistics, organisation and staffing.



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