Business magnate and star of “The Apprentice” Lord Sugar has gotten into very hot water over rude comments he made to Elena Raouna, a 23 year old beauty queen and inspiration to plus size women around the world.

The incident took place on Twitter earlier this month when Raouna – who turned down her audition at “The Apprentice” for a Ch4 reality TV show– reached out to the baron with a cheeky tweet asking if she could call him sugar. His reply was less than sweet, as he snarked back “as long as I can call you fatty”. The plus sized model took it in stride until another tweeter responded to the cyber bullying by asking Lord Sugar if that remark was really called for. Lord Sugar responded by telling them to “get stuffed”. 

The Twitter incident has sparked a tremendous backlash towards Lord Sugar, who has not responded to any of it since it took place. Meanwhile the plus size model has been receiving a ton of support – and new fans - from around the world.

Elena Raouna has had a very successful career as a plus sized model since she won a plus size beauty pageant in 2013. Just recently she won 2 front row VIP tickets for our much anticipated Grand Finale event at Canary Wharf on the 31st of January for an online competition we ran with Slink Magazine. The competition, #CurveShot, was a part of our ongoing campaign to promote body confidence in women of all shapes and sizes and Elena was the first place winner.

The Ms Curvaceous UK competition coming up later this month is designed to give women the confidence they need to respond in situations exactly like this Twitter incident. This year we aim to highlight body confidence in our contestants so that plus sized girls and women from all over the country know that they should be proud of their curves. You can join us at this event on the 31st Jan at De Vere Canary Wharf to show your support of these Curvaceous bombshells. 

The cyber bullying incident involving Lord Sugar goes to show how even so-called pillars of our society react to a confident woman who is rightfully proud of her curves. This type of body shaming is what leads to so many of our beautiful plus sized girls to lose self esteem and not learn that they should feel comfortable with their natural shape.

It is possible that Raouna's tweet offended business tycoon Lord Sugar but his attempt at shaming Elena for her weight is in direct contradiction with our #WhyNotPlus campaign, which celebrates curves and body confidence.

Do you think Elena Raouna deserves an apology for being called fatty by Lord Sugar?

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