Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model? It is often assumed that only the skinniest of women are able to succeed in the modelling industry. However Ms Curvaceous UK is here to change this! We are a model management company that recruits, trains and finds work for plus size models. MCUK uses its trademark annual modelling competition to increase confidence in women who often feel unable to unlock their full model potential. If you’re interested in having a good time whilst learning to strut you stuff, go to http://www.mscurvaceousuk.com/#model-registration for more information.

Our aim is to educate, inspire and entertain. So if you want interesting tips and up-to-date information on the competition, follow our blog!

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Whether you wish to sign up to MCUK or are just interested in having a chat about our blog posts and the competition, give us a call at 07984845440 or drop us a comment below.