It is generally a well-known fact that women take hours to get ready!

When people accuse me of hogging the mirror or taking too long in the bathroom, I am forced to defend myself by resorting to the worn-out quote ‘Beauty takes time’. Never fear! There is a solution to avoid awkward confrontations and the overuse of quotes. Through using MCUK’s beauty tips you will be on your way to changing men’s perceptions of how long it takes for a woman to get dressed. So in order to avoid an angry boyfriend or a dad who’s just about ready to kick down the bathroom door, use these simple steps to make yourself look fabulous within minutes!


1. If you like face powder: Pressed formulas are easier to use than loose ones and give good coverage quickly.

2. Choose big, fluffy brushes to apply face powder and blush. They will deposit a sheer wash of color that's easy to blend.

3. Instead of using a separate concealer and brush, dip a Q-tip into your liquid foundation and tap it on blemishes.

4. For the quickest hit of radiance, skip foundation and powder; instead, dust bronzer on your cheeks, chin, and around your hairline.

5. Use a cream blush or bronzer as both a cheek color and eyeshadow.

6. A three-in-one product for eyes, lips, and cheeks

7. A pencil eyeliner is easier to handle which makes it quicker to use!!


8. If you like the look of a dramatic, smoky eye but don't have time to build layers of shadow, line the rims of your upper and lower lids with a black eyeliner pencil. Then smudge it all the way around with a Q-tip.

9. On mornings when you need a fast eye brightener, trace a creamy nude liner pencil on your lower inner rims, or dip a Q-tip in a light taupe shadow and run it under your lower lashes.

10. Skip toner. You may like how it feels, but it doesn't improve your skin.

There you have it! 10 simple tips to save you time (and maybe your relationship) when you are getting ready. Feel free to comment with your own tips on making yourself look beautiful without spending hours doing so.