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Changing the agenda of mainstream media is very difficult. Trying to campaign to get realistic body images into the media and change the way people treat body image is a massive task but with social media we can make this happen. Before the rise of blogs and social media the voice of the plus sized women was basically silent. We just had to accept what was put in our magazines and deal with it, yes we could write a letter to the editor to share an opinion but it was just swept under the rug.

Now opinions are heard. Blogging has given people of all ages, sizes and races a voice that is listened to. If something is deemed morally wrong or unethical, give it a few hours and it is trending on twitter causing an uproar, the next day it is front page of the newspapers, backing businesses in a corner until they do the right thing. This is something that we can really take advantage of in changing people’s attitudes towards plus size.

The rise of social media and blogging means that the days where curvaceous women are seen in mainstream media and it is not a big deal are getting closer. Already lots of magazines do features that include plus size models because they know that the influence they have is so significant. Plus size bloggers are becoming role models to thousands of people and the media is not going to just ignore this.

Our advice to you is to just keep going, keep spreading your message and pushing for a change. People trust their peers a lot more than they do a publication that’s main aim is to generate an income. So with social media we can really make a change.