Victoria’s Secret caused quite a stir last week with their advertising campaign ‘The Perfect body’ which showed a picture of their models, all with the same body type, with the words ‘A perfect body’. This is basically saying that this is the perfect body and it is something that everyone should aspire to be, but lets a face it, a size 4 is a very unrealistic image for most people and it is wrong that one body type should be classed a perfect.

They have since changed the slogan to ‘A body for everyone’ over the same image of 10 super skinny girls. Which isn’t as bad but is still very ambiguous, it almost makes this body type seem achievable for everyone, which is not healthy. Also, they haven’t released any statement or apology for the offense they have caused, which would imply that they aren’t even recognising this as an issue. This is why we need more real body images in the media as carelessness like this can cause extensive damage to society.

Why they might not cater specifically to plus sized women they do cater to a US size 16 (UK 20) and this image does not reflect this, is it really fair to make your customers feel inferior like this to get them to purchase your products? Perhaps it is about time that Victoria’s Secret started to celebrate diversity and understand that there is not a ‘perfect’ body, everyone is different and recognising that in the media will have a significantly positive impact on society. Seeing, a range of beautiful body types in an image, especially modelling underwear, would help people to become comfortable in their own skin.  

Since this, around 30,000 people have signed a petition to stop the campaign and get them to issue an apology. There has been a big buzz about this across the internet and we would love to know what you think on the issue and whether you think they should apologize.