When you hear the word model what do you think? A size 4 Victoria Secret model or a size 14 curvaceous woman? Don’t get me wrong these models are beautiful and fully deserve to be where they are but they simply just do not reflect society. The impact it has on young people can have detrimental effects and it plays a big part in causing eating disorders. If there were more curvy women in the media to act as role models there would be less cases of eating disorders and less bullying. Yes, some people are naturally thin with long legs and an athletic build but others have curves, life would be boring if we were all the same but why do we rarely see women with curves in the media?

The media industry generates a ridiculous amount of money each year and it is an industry full of elitism. Realistically, making money is more important to most of the people who control what is put out there than social issues and this needs to change. The reasons we see tiny women that are heavily photoshopped is because it’s about selling a product regardless of the impact it has on society. We are a nation that is consumed by the media and the over saturation of unrealistic body images has a significant impact on the public.

So what can we do about this? We need change the way people see themselves and teach people to be happy in their own skin. We need to show children that life is not about being the next Cara Delevingne, it is about being yourself whether you are a size 6 or 16. Having curvaceous women in the spotlight will give people of all ages something to aspire to be and to teach that size is nothing, you can be beautiful no matter what.

Get in touch with your opinions on this and let us know who your curvaceous role models were growing up and why?