If you've ever Googled anything related to “modeling” and how to get started in the industry, you've likely come across my Modeling 101 – A Model’s Diary blog. I started my blog in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing legitimate and accurate information, advice and resources to models of all experience levels, ages and backgrounds from someone that has been there, done that and is still actively doing it: me.

One of the reasons I've been so passionate about my blog is that it serves as living proof that you don’t have to fit the “traditional standards” in order to be successful in the modeling world. I stand at 5’4” in real life (5’5” in the modeling industry, lol) and despite not being “runway tall,” have enjoyed a thriving career for the past 16 years, which does include runway/fashion show experience and being published numerous times.

When I was given the opportunity to do a guest blog for MCUK, I jumped at the opportunity because even though I am not a plus size model myself (I’m actually quite petite), I know what it’s like to be automatically eliminated from a number of modeling jobs based solely on what I “seemed” to be lacking.

Truth be told, petite and plus size models have a lot in common, including the constant need to prove ourselves to be worth the opportunities that come our way and the desire to represent what “real women” look like. I’ve always admired plus size models because not only are they absolutely beautiful, you know they are comfortable in their own skin—not an easy feat to accomplish in the modeling business. I could only hope that one day petite modeling as a category will gain its time in the spotlight the way plus size modeling has in recent years. While it may take much longer, seeing the strides the plus size world has made gives me hope. It’s all about timing.

In addition to my modeling blog, I’m also a consultant and mentor. I’m proud to say that I've helped many models, especially newbies, through the steps of gaining agency representation, as well as those interested in taking their careers into their own hands via freelance modeling. Male and female models of all ages and sizes, including plus, have reached out to me, told me their stories, struggles and hopes and allowed me the chance to assist them with not only reaching their goals but encouraging them to embrace who they are and how to use the modeling industry to their advantage. It’s been a very fulfilling responsibility and to know that I've impacted other people’s lives is perhaps the best reward.

Even though I am a petite model, I know what it’s like to be excluded and given limitations. Thankfully, I am in the mindset that no amount of limits can contain me. Great things don’t just come in small packages, but all sizes and when people dive deeper into the contents those packages contain, amazing things happen.