Congratulations on taking a step towards becoming an even more inspirational role model!


To ensure that you are well prepared for the day I have put together some information for you to look at and some guidance.


Here is what you need to bring;


  • Heels! - This is very important as you will be catwalking on the day. To ensure you get the best out of the day avoid wearing wedges, sandles or anything that doesnt have a pointed heel.


  • Your hair styled and make up done - Don't forget we will have a photographer doing photo shoots on the day. This means that you will need to be ready to shoot. 


  • Clothing for Photoshoot - We advise that you come dressed up wearing what you will want to take pictures in as there will be a lot of people at the venue. See below for dress code


  • Statement pieces - Feel free to bring any extra statement pieces, this is not neccessary if you do not wish to. Example: Hats, Bags and Necklaces.


  • A Notepad - Nowadays with how technology has progressed you may want to use a tablet or your phone. Whatever you choose there will be a wealth of information so be ready to take notes.


Dress code: Although its summer we don't always get the best weather! So lets bring out the sunshine at Curvaceous Queens Awakened. The theme is "Summers Passion".


Please note: At your photo shoot you may buy photos from the photographer from as little as £5 if you wish to. If you do not then you will not have to. VIP Ticket Holders will get 1 free edited photo.


The most important thing to bring: From experience we find that those who come open minded and willing to learn benefit the most. Bring an open mind and a positive outlook with you and you will have more fun than you would have imagine and leave feeling brand new.


Web page to look at:

http://www.mscurvaceousuk.com/posing-advice - This will give you an idea of different looks you could have for a photoshoot and a few different types of modelling.


Here is a map to help you find the venue:

Map of location

Map of location

We can't wait to see you! 


Hamida xx